SSD RC SCX10 II Pro44 Axle Case
SSD RC SCX10 II Pro44 Axle Case

SSD RC SCX10 II Pro44 Axle Case

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The SSD SCX10 II Pro44 Axle Case is the first of its kind. A hybrid design featuring a plastic center pumpkin, with heavy metal axle tubes, this axle weighs in at 77 grams for just the axle assembly alone. It is a direct replacement upgrade for the AR44 axle housing and will help to increase unsprung weight for increased stability and improved overall performance.

Like the stock axle housing, this can be used in the front or rear position if you want to use a standard lockout like the stock design. But, SSD offers a rear specific axle housing (SSD00209) that eliminates the rear lockouts for a more scale appearing axle. 

NOTE: Our Max Clearance Trackbar is recommended


  • Scale design and assembly
  • Injection molded nylon main axle housing
  • Removable heavy metal axle tubes
  • Removable diff cover
  • Metal bearing holders
  • Same size as stock SCX10 II AR44 axle
  • Same link mount locations as stock SCX10 II axle
  • Compatible with stock SCX10 II axle gears, bearings and shafts
  • Fit stock SCX10 II AR44 axle lower link mounts, C hubs and rear axle lockouts
  • Direct fit onto SCX10 II chassis
  • Weight: 75g (with no internals, C hubs & knuckles)
  • (2) Axle tubes
  • (2) Bearing holders
  • (2) Diff covers
  • (10) M2 x 5mm cap head
  • (4) M2.5 x 8mm cap head
  • (4) M3 x 5mm button head
  • (2) M3 x 4mm button head
  • (1) M3 x 25mm button head

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