SLW Hex Hubs - .185 Raw
SLW Hex Hubs - .185 Raw

SLW Hex Hubs - .185 Raw

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Locked Up RC - .185 SLW Hex Hubs
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**These hubs are tapped for 4-40 ONLY.

.185 Hex Hubs to fit on the back of SLW compatible wheels.

With these hex hubs your Locked Up RC SLW compatible wheels will have the exact same offset as our 8L series of wheels. Perfect for those vehicles that need to narrow up to pass through tech!

Includes 2 hex hubs (hardware sold separately) which is enough for 2 wheels.

Note that you will need flat face wheel hexes to utilize the hubs.

*Licensed by Vanquish Products*

Shown on a Wraith with one of our SLW wheels, standard 12mm hex and Vanquish "Racing Ackerman" arms.

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