SLW 185 Hex Hubs - M3x.05 Special
SLW 185 Hex Hubs - M3x.05 Special

SLW 185 Hex Hubs - M3x.05 Special

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SLW 185 (M3) Wheel Hub
Part Number: 1-185M3
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These hubs were tapped for M3x0.5 hardware by mistake.

These will NOT work with the standard 4-40 hardware found on an SLW style wheel.

For 99.9% of you these are not what you want.
0.01% of you had actually asked for them so you can upgrade your hardware to a larger size ... and today is your lucky day.

We are offering these as a limited edition just to recoup our costs.
...When they are gone, we will not be making more.
So get them while you can.

They should fit some SLW wheels without modification.
Others may require you to enlarge the 6 center holes in your wheels.

Includes 2 hex hubs (hardware sold separately) which is enough for 2 wheels.

Note that you will need flat face wheel hexes to utilize the hubs.


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