SCX10/AX10 Bearing Kit: AVID Revolution
SCX10/AX10 Bearing Kit: AVID Revolution

SCX10/AX10 Bearing Kit: AVID Revolution

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SCX10/AX10 Bearing Kit: AVID Revolution
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Product Overview

Revolution (RSZ): Avid invented this seal make up in 2003 to offer the best of both worlds. There is a rubber seal on one side of the bearing and metal on the other. A rubber seal offers great dust/dirt/water protection but at the price of added friction. Where as metal offers almost no friction but will allow water and dust to get in over time once the grease has spread out. Since most cars have enclosed hubs and diffs, there is no reason to have the rubber seal inside the hub or diff since no dust, dirt, or water can get to it. But you still have the protection from the dirt not entering from the outside because it is sealed with the rubber seal.

Product Information

This is a bearing kit by Avid RC for the Axial SCX10 Rock Crawler.

Bearing Kit Fits

SCX10 (AX90007 - Kit)
SCX10 (AX90012 - Dingo)
SCX10 (AX90014 - Trail Honcho)
SCX10 (AX90016 - Trail Honcho)
AX10 (AX90002 - Scorpion RTR)
AX10 (AX90004 - Scorpion ARTR)
AX10 (AX90011 - Scorpion RTC)
SCX10 (AX90021 - Dingo Kit)
SCX10 (AX90022 - Honcho RTR)
SCX10 (AX90024 - Jeep RTR)
AX10 (AX90019 - Ridgecrest RTR)

Kit Includes:
5x11x4 (10 Pieces)
10x15x4 (6 Pieces)
5x10x4 (4 Pieces)
8x16x5 (2 Pieces)

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