SCX10 - Inner Housing Brace
SCX10 - Inner Housing Brace

SCX10 - Inner Housing Brace

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SCX10 - Inner Housing Brace
Part Number: 901-SCXIHB
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Our Inner Housing Brace slips inside your SCX10/AX10 axle housing to provide up to 4 solid mounting points for the top of your axle. By backing the inside of your axle housing you are able to mount a variety of brackets that would normally get ripped out of the housing using the stock nylon holes.

2 of the mounting points line up directly with the factory through holes and 2 are meant for our SCX10 PRO CMS kit. (You can make use of all 4 holes by drilling holes in your axle and using the brace as a drill guide.)

Constructed of stainless steel.


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