RTR Servo Winch - V2
RTR Servo Winch - V2

RTR Servo Winch - V2

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RTR Servo Winch - V2
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Most of you know how strong a servo winch can be. But to make your own you have to risk cutting up your own servo gears, soldering electronics, tuning pots, finding decent winch line, a good hook and then ... messing with a bobbin!?

Our RTR Servo Winches give you PLENTY of power, no creep, no messing with pots or soldering. They are as easy to use as any standard servo right out of the box. There is no cutting into the housing of the servo, so they remain structurally sound AND all the electronics are INSIDE the housing. So you get a nice small package!

Each servo uses cutting edge digital technology embedded on a printed circuit board.
This ensures worry free operation with any 3 position channel.

This RTR Servo Winch offers a 30% increase in line torque over our old 6v unit.
This version is NOT waterproofed.

Torque: 290in/oz PEAK @7.4v
PCB Digital Controller

Modified servo
LURC Hogshead spool
M3 Screw

Each winch is assembled and quality tested in the USA by Locked Up RC!

We call these winches to be "RTR" because they are "Ready To Run".
To be 100% complete you will need purchase a winch line and hook and assemble everything.

The controllers should be kept to 7.4v or less and the receiver and winch controller need to be operated from the same BEC.

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