Pro CMS - SCX10 II Full Kit
Pro CMS - SCX10 II Full Kit

Pro CMS - SCX10 II Full Kit

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Pro CMS - SCX10 II Full Kit
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With the success of our Pro CMS kit for the Axial SCX10... we knew we would want to offer the same setup for the SCX10 II.
So once again, we've rethought CMS!

Axial did a good job with the SCX10 II CMS. The geometry is good, it looks realistic and it allows for a proper amount of steering out of the box ...but it does have certain limits for those of us that push performance and scale. The Trackbar mounts to the stock plastic shock tower which is a point of flex and potential failure. The servo is fixed to a single location, so there are no provisions for moving it forwards or aft if you change your wheelbase. The links and rod ends are also quite sizeable causing potential fitment issues with servos and/or servo arms. And lastly, the trackbar is known to bottom out on the axle at full compression. So, we want to once again provide a quality scale option that helps to solve issues and gives you more options.

Our Pro CMS kit for the Axial SCX10 II allows you to mount the steering servo to the chassis with a metal bracket. It offers options for adjustments for those of you that are "outside the box" and/or wanting great performance!

Built around the Axial SCX10 II AX90046 (compatible with multiple model numbers), Pro CMS allows for adjustment to fit a variety of suspension heights, wheel bases and axle components.

You must use M3 Rod Ends with this kit.

Our Servo Plate allows you to vertically mount your servo in the recommended chassis location for an AX90046**. This mount location is superior because it allows the servo arm to swing in the same arc as your knuckles. This gives you maximum steering throw, maximum power and keeps end point adjustment easy.

Our Servo Plate also allows you to move the servo forward or rearward for changes in wheelbase. With multiple mounting holes you can find the best location to keep your drag link as parallel as possible with the axle.

Our SCX10 II Drop Bracket mounts through the frame to Servo Plate and allows you to attach a track bar in the recommended location for an AX90046. The Drop Bracket includes an upper and lower mounting hole to help match the angle of the track bar and drag link based on the servo horn and knuckles you are using. This is a Heavy Duty part made from steel that replaces the stock plastic part. You will need to modify your factory shock tower OR run these: Devil RC SCX10 II Shock Hoops.

The PRO CMS Drop Bracket can also be moved forward or rearward on the chassis rail to match the plane of the drag link. This gives you the best geometry possible and helps reduce floating end points.

Also known as a panhard bar, the Track Bar connects the axle to the chassis laterally, removing the need for link triangulation and allowing you to run a "3 Link suspension" in the front. This gives you the most movement possible out of your front suspension while maintaining proper geometry and keeping end points at their maximum for the most steering throw possible.

We maintain the stock geometry and offer 2 different track bars for this kit: Standard or Max Clearance.
Standard is our 82mm threaded bar. It is ultra narrow, uses M3 rod ends and it also allows for the most fitment options possible while helping to eliminate the rubbing of components.
If you need full compression because you run a low sitting rock hugger select our Max Clearance trackbar that bends around your differential allowing 100% suspension movement.

OPTIONAL Drag Link & Tie Rod:
To help give additional clearance between components and to enhance the scale appearance of your truck, you can add on our 60mm link as a drag link and , 114mm link for your tie rod. The smaller profile links still offer plenty of strength and look great when combined with our track bars. The already included spacers give you room for adjustment with various brands of M3 rod ends which all go together with M3 set screws.

M3 Rod Ends are required for the kit to be installed but optional as a purchase. We do this because a lot of you have a ton of rod ends lying around from various projects. So rather than force you to spend money we offer them as an option. With the Traxxas 1942 package you get enough small rod ends for your trackbar AND long rod ends which work perfectly with the drag link and tie rod. So to compliment the kit, that is what we suggest.

OPTIONAL Aluminum Servo Mounts:
Our aluminum servo mounts will allow you to mount your servo to the servo plate, but because so many of you have existing similar parts (like Axial AX80028-5), we make them option to help keep the cost of the kit lower.

Drill Guides (2)
2mm spacers (2)
4mm spacers (2)

m3x10 cap (6)
m3x12 (button)
m3x8 cap (1)
m3x8 flat (1)

**Fitment of this kit was determined using an Axial AX90046 kit and a Spektrum Servo. Similar kits and servos will work but may require minimal modifications. See instructions for more information.


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