OTVD - SCX10/AX10 steering axles (5mm Stub)
OTVD - SCX10/AX10 steering axles (5mm Stub)

OTVD - SCX10/AX10 steering axles (5mm Stub)

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OTVD - SCX10/AX10 steering axles (5mm Stub)
Part Number: 839-SCOTVD-5MM
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Locked Up RC is happy to present our solution for those that are looking for a stronger, reasonably priced, replacement steering axle shaft for their AX10/SCX10 that also use a 5mm outer stub axle.

Although these units offer twice the strength of a stock "CVD", we stuck with the "OT" name because you all know and love it!

OTVD shafts offer several improvements over other shafts:
1. Torsional tensile strength rating of 180in/lbs. That is double a typical stock CVD shaft, which suffers destruction in the 70-85in/lb range.
2. We thread the end of the shaft several extra turns vs some other aftermarket shafts. So if you are trying to narrow up your rig with narrow hex hubs and our .185 SLW hubs you can run them with less or no washers behind your wheel nuts.
3. We use a coil to keep the pin in. This means you can assemble the shafts and leave them in your parts bin and they won't come apart like other units.
4. 50* of steering throw.
5. The 5mm Stub axles better protect against bending of the stubs during hard falls and roll overs.

Even with these improvements these are usually a direct replacement requiring little or no modifications to a stock vehicle but...You will need 5mm straight bore wheel hexes for these.


OTVD inner axle tangs are usually a direct slide in fit or light press fit with stock and most aftermarket lockers.
OTVD tangs will be tight with an FI Spool and will require polishing/sanding, because we make FI spools to be tight with everything!

Stock Axial C-Hubs are machined to be over 14mm between the ears.
Usually they are 14.05mm-14.08mm and that usually works just fine with OTVDs.
If your C-Hubs are smaller, you may need to lightly sand between the ears to fit the OTVDs.

What's included:
-2x Steering Shafts
-2x 5mm nuts
-2x 2x10mm HD pins

These are a great compliment to our FI Spools and OT Outdrives!

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