OT Shaft - SCX10 Narrow
OT Shaft - SCX10 Narrow

OT Shaft - SCX10 Narrow

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OT Shaft - SCX10 Narrow
Part Number: 823-SCOT-Narrow
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Locked Up RC is happy to present our solution for those that are looking for a way to narrow their SCX10 rear axle.

When used with our SCX10 Narrow lock outs, these shafts allow you more options for dually rear wheels, crazy wide wheel buggies or mud truck setups and the use of the SCX10 axle for a Semi truck.
Crawlers can achieve overdrive/underdrive with a Yota or SCX10 II axle just by running proper gearing.

These narrow axle shafts allow you to remove roughly 19.5mm from each side of your axle housing.
That narrows your total pin to pin width to ~ 144mm.

OT shafts offer several improvements over stock shafts:
1. Torsional tensile strength rating of over 160in/lbs*. That is over 33% more than a typical stock shaft, which suffers destruction in the 120in/lb range.
2. We thread the end of the shaft several extra turns vs stock. So if you are trying to narrow up your rig with narrow hex hubs and our .185 SLW hubs you can run them with less or no washers behind your wheel nuts.
3. No "hat" near the tangs to more easily pass through axle tubes and past mounting hardware (like Gunnar tubes and CMS kit hardware).

To run these shafts you MUST use our SCX10 Narrow lock outs.
These will NOT work with stock lockouts.

You can expect a direct slide in fit with stock lockers but these will be tight with FI spools because FI spools are tight with everything!

If your shafts are a tight fit with your locker, we suggest using our Copper Anti Sieze Grease during installation.
This will help with shaft removal after extended periods of use.

What's included:
-2x Shafts
-2x 4mm nuts
-2x 2x10mm HD pins

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