Solid 3mm bar. MUCH smaller than OEM
Solid 3mm bar. MUCH smaller than OEM

Max Clearance Trackbar - SCX10 II

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Max Clearance Trackbar - SCX10 II
Part Number: 983-SCX2-3mm
Availability: Limited Stock
The stock Scx10 II suspension will bottom out by making contact between the trackbar and the axle housing.
On a big jump this could cause lateral stress on the rod ends they were not designed for.
...And if you have a lowered suspension, this will be worse and more noticeable.

Our SCX10 II Max Clearance Trackbar is designed to give you full articulation and compression.
It is made from solid 3mm bar and is MUCH smaller than the oversized factory unit.

Installation requires M3 Rod ends.
Factory rod ends will NOT work.

For maximum clearance, we recommend AX80005, TR5349, RCZ-S0398 or TR1942.

Please note:
-This unit was designed to work with the AX90047 kit and stock components but it may fit others.
-You should enure you have proper clearance at full droop and compression before running the truck.
-Something as simple as a different pinion angle can cause interference and result in a bent unit.

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