M4 Axle Removal Kit
M4 Axle Removal Kit

M4 Axle Removal Kit

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M4 Axle Removal Kit
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If you forgot to add our copper anti seize OR your straight axle shaft/locker fit is just especially tight, you know if can be a burden to get your axle shaft out of your spool/locker.
This can be especially true when using the tighter fitting OT shafts and or FI Spools.

Our M4 Axle Removal Kit helps you resolve a frozen axle shaft/spool situation and cut out risk to your shaft, pins and housings.

Extended M4 bolt
Oversize Washer
M4 Coupling nut

Hammer or other tool

The kit produces results similar to a slide hammer or puller but works slightly differently.
To use, thread on the coupling nut half way, slide the washer on to the bolt and then thread it into the nut.
Now you have a good surface (the washer) to bang against using a hammer or other tool.

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