M2.5 Acorn Nuts
M2.5 Acorn Nuts

M2.5 Acorn Nuts

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M2.5 Acorn Nuts
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Locked Up RC is happy to bring you our scale M2.5 Acorn Nuts... a perfect accessory for scale wheels.

Inner Thread: M2.5
Overall Height: ~4.5mm
Width across flats: 3mm
Maximum width: 3.5mm
Chrome plated steel
Requires 3mm HD Hex Socket Driver

These acorn nut styled fasteners thread on to M2.5 screws to give you a great scale look, just like a 1:1 acorn nut.


Note that you need to have 1.5-2.5mm of thread on your exposed M2.5 hardware poking through the face of your wheel. If the bolts on your wheels are to long or short you can pick up a pack of our M2.5 x 5 cap screws OR M2.5 x 7 cap screws.

Mounted examples:
Shown on RC4WD stamped wheel with M2.5x6mm Screws and PRO hubs:

Customer Images:

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