Lockouts - Wheely King
Lockouts - Wheely King

Lockouts - Wheely King

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Lockouts - Wheely King
Part Number: 813-WK
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If you are looking for rear lockouts (straight axle adapters) for your HPI Wheely King or Crawler King, then this is the setup you want!

Our aluminum lock outs offer several improvements over the stock setup:
1. Ability to run improved strength OT Shafts (vs stock dog bone setup) specifically designed for the Wheely King and Crawler King.
2. Eliminate all the extra junk on the rear axle for a more scale look and save ~.94oz of weight!
3. Instant extra front axles, knuckles, chubs and bearings ... which are getting harder and harder (and more expensive) to find.

You MUST be run our Wheely King OT Shafts with these.
Stock Shafts will NOT work.

What's included:
-2x Lockouts

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