JConcepts Fling King 1.9' Rock Crawler Tires (2) (Green) (4.75')
JConcepts Fling King 1.9' Rock Crawler Tires (2) (Green) (4.75')

JConcepts Fling King 1.9" Rock Crawler Tires (2) (Green) (4.75")

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JConcepts Fling King 1.9" Rock Crawler Tires (2) (Green)
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This is a set of JConcepts Fling King 1.9" Tires, specifically designed to throw mud, dirt, gravel and grass just like the real thing. The giant sized tires are tall enough to dance through the deepest RC loam, however, it’s the tall lugs that separate them from the rest. The 1:1 tires were hand-cut to produce the most wicked looking tires on the block. The JConcepts tires are uniquely built to replicate a hand-cut set, however, deep tread remains to do the “mega” land damage the drivers and enthusiasts crave.

Using the "super soft" green compound of rubber the Fling King 1.9's not only offer traction in loose conditions but still work well on terrain like rock gardens. When looking for a tire with aggressive looks and the ability to conquer a vast array of terrains, the Fling Kings are the tire of choice!


  • Industry standard 1.9” bead mounting diameter and design inspiration
  • 1.75” W x 4.75”H
  • V-style tread with replicated “hand-cutting”
  • Single contour carcass with traditional mounting bead
  • Impactful tire lettering with retro JConcepts logo
  • Available in "super soft" green compound
  • Includes firm, open cell inserts
  • Mega style and performance

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