23 Splines
23 Splines

Hogshead Winch Spool (23T)

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Winch Spool (23T)
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For those of you that want to build you own servo winch, we are happy to bring you the Locked UP RC Hogshead Winch Spool!

Made from 6061 Aluminum, these spools are stronger than and hold more line than a sewing bobbin screwed to a plastic horn. Because they slide right onto your servo splines, they also take up less space, making it easier to get your servo winch installed.

Outer Diameter: 25.5mm
Drum Diameter: 11.25mm
Width: 10.5mm

This version has 23 splines and fits most KO, Airtronics/Sanwa, JR, ACOMS, Solar, Spektrum & EXI servos. Note that this spool was designed around the SpektrumA6030 gear set. If your spool is not a good fit to your servo please contact us before installing it to prevent damage to the splines.

The Hogshead Spool will comfortably hold 20FT +/- of our 130lb winch line.

Hardware not included.

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