HeyOK Just the Brakes - Brake Light Controller
HeyOK Just the Brakes - Brake Light Controller

HeyOK Just the Brakes - Brake Light Controller

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HeyOK Just the Brakes - Brake Light Controller
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An easy way to add more realism to your scaler. 
This is a really simple to install device that lets you have working brake lights.

To put it in your rig, just unplug your ESC, plug this into the receiver and the ESC into it.
Connect your brake lights and you are done.

For just a little more money, you can order a pair of Red 5mm LEDs that you can plug into it.
The Red 5mm LEDs comes with a 12"-20" lead (lights are 12" and 20" from plug).

Some nitty gritty about how it works:
This circuit consists of a micro controller that monitors the servo signal that goes to the ESC. That's why it plugs into the receiver and the ESC plugs into it. The servo signal passes unaltered to the ESC. 
When you first power up your rig, the code in the microcontroller reads the servo signal and assumes that it is seeing it in the neutral position - that means that your finger isn't on the trigger. This is how it self calibrates itself to your vehicle's transmitter and ESC.
When your finger is off the trigger, it assumes that you aren't applying throttle to go forward or reverse and therefore sends power to the output pins so it will light up the LEDs that you have plugged into it. Move the trigger a little forward or reverse and it turns off the output and the brake lights go dark.

LEDs that are connected will need to have series current limiting resistors. The voltage that is being delivered is the same voltage that your receiver is getting.
The typical value for the resistor for each LED is 150 to 270 ohms. LEDs are generally installed with resistors calculated to keep the current draw in the neighborhood of 20mA of current. 
The brake light controller is capable of providing about 350mA so there is lots of capacity if you really want to run a lot of light.

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