My yellow Hummer weighs 7.5lbs and my winch sees plenty of abuse. My blue Jeep JK weighs 9lbs and it certainly doesn't have any easier of a life. So, when the shop sent me these new winch lines for my trucks, I was thrilled. Unlike the line that comes on other winches, these are full synthetic lines. The colors are not only vibrant but I feel they help finish the look of each truck. The strength is also beyond overkill!

Both winch lines have been used in several competitions so far and haven't shown any signs of distress. No ripping, or fraying and they have gotten plenty of "love" form the rocks.

This should give you a good visual reference for these two colors and the strength of the line.

Here is the Yellow line on my H2. As you can see it is a nice yellow and a fluorescent yellow like you might expect.

The blue goes perfectly for my JK. A nice deep blue ... it looks just like Amsteel to me!

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know!