Dually Adapters - SLW Base Wheel
Dually Adapters - SLW Base Wheel

Dually Adapters - SLW Base Wheel

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Dually Adapters - SLW Base Wheel
Part Number: 168D-Adapters-SLW
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These adapters will attach to the outside of our Full Metal Jacket ring using your M3 hardware.
The adapters allow you to insert our Dually OT shafts, which allows you to run a second wheel per axle.

One side has a milled hole for the OT shafts and and a spring pin.
The other side has a milled 7mm hex to capture your inner wheel nut and prevent it from loosening.
Washers are included to ensure your nut lines up with your adapter for a snug fit.

This version WILL work with our 1.9" standard offset SLW wheels as an INSIDE wheel.
We recommend using a 185 or 225 SLW Wheel hub with the inner wheel.
290, 350 & 410 SLW Wheel hubs will work but you may want to add a second wheel nut or 2mm ultra hub spacer
Going over a 410 SLW Wheel Hub will require you to double nut your inner wheel on the axle.
You can run any style OUTSIDE wheel (8L, SLW, AO8, even another brand).

2x Adapters (Anodized Aluminum)
4x M4 Washers


For a complete setup you will also need:

-2x Locked Up RC Full Metal Jacket Rings

-2x Locked Up RC SLW wheels (for use as “inner” wheels)

-2x Locked Up RC Dually Axles (includes M3 spring pins – cab sub for M3x20 screws & locknut)

-12x M3x6 screws

-2x Additional tires of your choice

-2x Wheel Hexes and 2x10 pins

-2x M4 lock nuts

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