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Custom Machined Wheels

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Custom Machined Wheels
Part Number: SERV-9009
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We are frequently asked if we can make custom bead lock wheels and the answer is Yes!

Pricing starts at $225 for a set of 4 custom wheels in a raw finish (Bright, Hand or Cinder Finish).
This includes inner (or internal) rings but no outer bead lock rings, outer hardware, face hardware or any anodizing.

This price assumes that we can design the wheel using an existing 1.9" wheel "profile".
For instance, our 1.9" Mach SLW Internal and 1.9" Manga SLW Internal use the same profile.
The only difference is the vertical milling:

The price increases if we need to:
- Create a new profile (front and or back)
- Change bolt pattern
- Add engraving
- Add anodizing
- Purchase special tooling.
- Change size to 1.55" or 2.2"

After receiving your $95 deposit we will work with you on the design and allow for some revisions to it.
We recommend you send us pictures/ideas ahead of time so we can try to estimate any additional costs beforehand.
If you don't have a specific design in mind, we can create something for you based off of the feel of your vehicle.

Once approved we bill you for the remaining fees and start making your wheels.
Typical turn around time is 3 weeks from the date of your final design approval.

 Please Contact us for more details.

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