Copper Anti Seize Grease
Copper Anti Seize Grease

Copper Anti Seize Grease

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Copper Anti Seize Grease
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Our premium quality copper anti-seize can be used to prevent seizing, corrosion and galling.
Perfect for Bead Lock wheel & FI Spool/OT shaft installations.

This specific compound has a temperature range of -30F to 1800F and will work well in almost any RC application.
It is fit for use in most metals and plastics.

It is the same stuff used by Podium Racing for their awesome aftermarket Ducati parts!

When looking for the right anti-seize we wanted something that would stand up to the worst conditions you guys drive in.
After talking to several manufacturers and testing several different compounds we found this to be the best for multiple materials in wet conditions.

Each tube contains 7g of Copper Anti Seize.
Net weight ~8.2g

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