Shown with optional winch line, hook and winch saver
Shown with optional winch line, hook and winch saver

Commando RTR High Power Winch System

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Commando RTR High Power Winch System
Part Number: 325-RTR-HP
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Are you ready to go Commando!?

The Commando RTR Winch System is our total solution for those of you looking for a free spool winch without any of the hassle of assembly.

We take a brand new 3 Racing CR01-27 scale winch, install a Commando Free spool kit, a High Performance motor and do all the fit and finish for you!

Available options include our winch saver and your choice of winch line!

Weight: 34.6g
Depth: 17.3mm (add 8mm for fairlead)
Width: 67.2mm

We consider these winches to be "RTR" but you will need to tie on the winch line, and if ordered hook and winch saver.

The motors in these units are intended for use at 6V.
We cannot warranty the motor or gearbox if used over 7.4v.
We also recommend HeyOK controllers.

If you are running this motor with a 3 Racing controller we recommend keeping it to 6v. This motor will draw a lot more amperage than a standard motor and 3 Racing controllers are not always adequate.

We also highly recommend that you utilize one of our winch savers. The winch saver can help protect the parts of the gear box and winch system. Remember, these are high performance motors and they have enough power to damage themselves, gearboxes, winch line, etc. Stalling the motor can lead to damage that is not covered by any sort of warranty* and the winch saver will give you a soft cushion to help protect the drive train.

* Each motor IS factory tested to ensure quality.

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