Beef Patties (Brass) Hex Style
Beef Patties (Brass) Hex Style

Beef Patties (Brass) Hex Style

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Beef Patties (Brass) Hex Style
Part Number: BEEF-BT005HB
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100% Pure Hex Style BEEF PATTIES! These are scale brake rotors that add an additional 2 ounces of weight to your rig. Machined form solid brass and can be painted or powder coated. Sold in pairs so you will receive two BEEF PATTIES with each order.

These are the Hex version for those that run stock style wheels. They will work with just about any 1.9 or 2.2 12mm hex wheel.

Adds approximately 2mm to the offset of the wheel.

*These are tested to fit Locked Up RC 1.9" & 2.2" 8L style wheels. Please check compatibility with other brands of wheels.

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