AR60 14 Bolt Differential Cover
AR60 14 Bolt Differential Cover

AR60 14 Bolt Differential Cover

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AR60 14 Bolt Differential Cover
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Our 14 Bolt Differential/Inspection Cover for your Axial OCP AR60 is the best way to "kill it" with scale detail and gain additional clearance for your steering links.

These covers feature 10x M2 threaded holes around the perimeter of the cover.
This enables you to add Scale Hex Bolts and get the scale appearance you have been after.

Each cover also offers 2mm of additional clearance between the cover and steering links compared to the stock cover.
This can help you gain additional steering throw in some situations.

Machined from 6061 Aluminum and anodized black.
Includes a 3mm pan head screw and rubber gasket to hold it in place.

Team Driver Notes:
1. You have a few options to finish these off.
-The easy way: Add some of our M2x1 Scale Hex Bolts (10 per cover). Use M2x7 Scale hex bolts to hold the cover on (4 per cover).
-The DIY way: Thread 10 of our M2x7 Scale Hex bolts into the cover and cut the bolts flush with the back of the cover.

2. Replace the 3mm button screw with a 3MM Set screw and CA glue it in place.
This way you will gain additional steering link clearance at the hole and get an even better scale look.

3. Glue all the extra screws in place. No need to ever remove them.

4. If you want to blow the scale look out of the water, use a little bit of liquid electrical tape to make a gasket between the cover and housing.

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