AO8™ Axle Flanges - 885
AO8™ Axle Flanges - 885

AO8™ Axle Flanges - 885

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AO8™ Axle Flanges - 885
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AO8™ axle flanges work with our AO8™ style wheels.
These pin style flanges mount directly to your axle shaft and remove the need for a hex hub.

AO8™ axle flange numbers indicate material between the pin and wheel mount face:
285 = 2.85mm
485 = 4.85mm
685 = 6.85mm
885 = 8.85mm

With 885 flanges your AO8™ wheels will have a 6mm negative offset compared to an SCX10 wheel.
IE: Your wheels stick out 6mm more than a stock SCX10 wheel.

Includes 2 axle flanges (hardware sold separately) which is enough for 2 wheels.

***AO8 wheels with an INNER ring on an Axial Capra or SCX10-III***
For wheels that have an inner ring, we recommend our 885 or 935-HEX AO8 axle flanges.
Anything smaller may encounter interference with the portal covers.
(Wheels with an INTERNAL ring have no restrictions)

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