3mm Socket (tip) -  DEEP
3mm Socket (tip) - DEEP

3mm Socket (tip) - DEEP

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3mm Socket (tip) - DEEP
Part Number: 730-3DEEP
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This Deep Socket tip has been specifically designed to install our M2 Acorn Wheel Stud Spikes.

The shafts are 5mm in diameter and work great in LURC Tool Handles, variable speed electric drivers and will slide right in to most RC driver handles.

Hex: 3.05mm
Outer Diameter at Socket: 5mm
Shaft Diameter: 5mm
Length: 96mm
Material: Hardened Steel

Each order includes 1 tool tip.

A perfect match with our 5mm Tool Handle.

Please note:
1. These are VERY deep to accommodate various hardware.
They WILL contact your wheel face when installing acorns.
To help prevent any markings on your wheels, we suggest inserting small pieces of foam into the socket until the acorns go in 75-90% of the way.

2. These tips MAY NOT fit into the recess of a VP wheel.
If you want to run our 4-40 Acorns in a VP or other recessed wheel, please use our 4-40 FLANGE Acorn Nut Wheel Studs and  a 2.5mm Socket.

3. These tools have  MUCH thinner wall than our 3mm HD tip. Please exercise caution when torquing items down.

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