All parts shown above are included in the kit!
All parts shown above are included in the kit!

3D Universal Interior Kit (Black)

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3D Universal Interior Kit (Black)
Part Number: DINK-sibv6
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Dinky R/C's 3D Universal Interior Kit was originally designed to fit the Vaterra K5 Blazer.

But this interior kit has more going for it than that!
And can be used on multiple chassis and body configurations
with little modification to fit your needs.
Works with both the Vaterra Ascender chassis & Axial SCX10 Chassis.

With an overall width of 8.5", and an adjustable length up to 19.5",
it can be used to work with many different body styles!

And by narrowing, and overlapping your cuts, you can get it down to as little as a 7" width!

Above pictures contain measurements of all individual interior pieces.
Overall height measurement are referenced off of the base of the floor pan.
The additional height below the floorpan is used for adhering to your body with velcro.

Made from .040" Styrene.

Recommended use of velcro or double-stick tape for installation.

Styrene safe adhesives are recommended for assembly of interior.

Accepts most common over the counter "rattle-can" paints for finishing.

Included parts list:
 - 2-piece adjustable length floorpan w/ molded rear seat
 - Full length doors & rear quarter panels
 - Tail-Gate
 - Dash
 - Dash Decal Set

***Front seats sold separately***

Suggested items needed to complete:

 - Scissors
 - Hobby Knife
 - Paint
 - Styrene safe adhesive
 - Velcro, dbl-stick tape, or similar, to attach kit to your body

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