2.5mm Socket (tip)
2.5mm Socket (tip)

2.5mm Socket (tip)

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3mm Socket (tip) - HD
Part Number: 730-2.5
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Our 2.5mm Hex Socket Driver made for Locked Up RC Miniature Scale Hex Bolts, Acorns and more.

These MEDIUM DUTY tools have been specifically designed to install our 2.5mm Scale Hex Bolts and 4-40 FLANGE acorns.
The shafts are 5mm in diameter and work great in LURC 5mm Bore Tool Handles, variable speed electric drivers and will also slide right in to most other brand RC driver handles.

Hex: 2.5mm
Outer Diameter at Socket: 4.5mm
Shaft Diameter: 5mm
Length: 95mm
Material: Hardened Steel

Each order includes 1 tool tip.

A perfect match with our 5mm Bore Tool Handle

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