In total darkness after being charged
In total darkness after being charged

2.2" Backlight Glow Rings (Set of 4)

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2.2" Backlight Glow Ring
Part Number: 297-BackGlow
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Our 2.2" Backlight Glow Rings can make for some dramatic effects.
They fit into the recess of our 2.2" wheels and will "back light" the ring.

Don't be confused, these must be charged up by being subjected to a proper light source.
You can either charge and move them to the dark OR leave a black light turned on for some cool effects.

They will NOT replace your LEDs for night runs ..... but they can make for some interesting long exposure photos!

Each Ring is 3D printed with high quality PLA.
We recommend leaving your truck near some quality black lights for about 5 minutes to get some decent pictures with them.
... and don't forget to set your ISO properly!

To install, remove your outer beadlock ring, insert the glow ring, then reattach the outer ring.
The glow ring will be gently pushed into place by the bead lock ring and will NOT impact the beadlock function.

More than you wanted to know about glow in the dark material charging:

The brightness and type of bulb determines the efficiency at which phosphorescent material charges. Efficient bulbs not only charge faster, but can obtain a brighter level of glow.  For example, a black light shining on a glow surface for 30 seconds will cause that surface to be 10x brighter than a flashlight on it for 6 hours.  Here is a simple list of bulbs in order from least to most efficient:

  • White LED lights
  • Blue/purple LED lights
  • Incandescent standard light bulb
  • Compact fluorescent or CFL light (spiral tube, screw-in)
  • White LED's Blue/Purple LED's Incandescent 
  • Fluorescent bulb with long tubes
  • UV LED lights
  • Black light tube
  • Direct sunlight

A frequently asked question is "How long does it take to get a full charge?" The easy answer is that the rings should be at their maximum charge from any light source in 20 minutes. However, that is a useless answer.  "Maximum Charge" will change depending on the light source. A black light on for seconds can cause our products to glow brighter than an incandescent bulb lit for 10 hours. Of course, the speed of charge is also determined by the light source.  A "full charge" is also a hard statement. Under black light, most pigments will get to 80% of their charge within 30 seconds, 90% over 60 seconds, 95% over about 5 minutes, 100% in about 20 minutes.  This is further complicated by the size of the pigment. Larger pigments can glow brighter and longer, but charge slower.

In conclusion, use a black light if possible. 

If white light is needed use CFL "Daylight" bulbs.

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