2.2'' 8L Complete Discount Bundler
2.2'' 8L Complete Discount Bundler

2.2'' 8L Complete Discount Bundler

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2.2" 8L Complete Discount Bundler
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This is our Bead Lock Wheel Package system for our 2.2" 8L series of Easy Mount bead lock wheels. This packager will help you to select EVERYTHING you need for a complete set of 4 Locked Up RC 2.2" 8L bead lock wheels.

You will get all the necessary hardware to mount your rings as well as optional tools and acorn nuts depending on your selections.

If you select the "Standard Cap Screws" You will NOT need the Scale hardware tool.

Each wheel includes inner rings and hardware. If you select "Inner" rings for your outer rings you will get a total of 8 Inner rings.

If you are not sure which options you want to select you can follow these links and come back once you are ready:
2.2" 8L Wheels
2.2" Rings
Scale Hardware

PLEASE NOTE: We vary finish options pending what we have in stock. Please see the individual Wheel & Ring Product pages for detailed information.

Trademarks & Patents: http://www.lockeduprc.com/Trademark-Patent-Information_ep_39-1.html

Please note that due to software limitations this package will only add to your cart properly if we have all of the components you want in stock!

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