2 Speed Conversion Kit - SCX10 II
2 Speed Conversion Kit - SCX10 II

2 Speed Conversion Kit - SCX10 II

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2 Speed Conversion Kit - SCX10 II
Part Number: 828-SCX10-II
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Our 2 Speed conversion kit works with an SCX10-II running the new style transmission.
This will NOT work with the older AX10 style transmission that also comes with the RTR SCX10-II.

With this kit you can shift into 2nd gear for more top end.
1st gear will remain the same speed so it will not impact your crawl ratio.
1st Gear: 2:1 (36/18)
2nd Gear 1.076:1 (28/26)

You will need to provide an additional shift servo and must have an open channel on your radio.

Hardened Steel Gears
Hardened Steel Shift Collar
Steel Shift Rod
Aluminum Shift Fork
Aluminum Rod End
Steel Ball Bearings
M3 Screws
M3 Nuts
Steel Spacer
Brass Spacer
Steel Shim
Hardened Steel pin
E Clips


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