1.9' Wheel Double Widener (C) (Pair)
1.9' Wheel Double Widener (C) (Pair)

1.9" Wheel Double Widener (C) (Pair)

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1.9" Wheel Double Widener (pair) Cinder Finish
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Our 1.9" Wheel Double Wideners are designed to add 14.25mm of width to the face of any of our wheels. They will also fit any wheel using the Axial SCX10 1.9" wheel beadlock ring mount pattern.

With these wideners you will get increased section width so your tires will look fatter and you will get that "deep dish" look to your wheels. You will also have more room for foams and weights.

To use these wideners, insert one between your wheel and tire. Then, utilizing M2x21 screws, affix the ring to the wheel & passing the screws through the widener.

These wideners have our "Cinder Finish".
We ONLY recommend these wideners for Cinder Finish wheels WITH a concave face, like our Iconic wheels.
If you have wheels with a flat face, like the Adversary wheels, we recommend our standard wideners with a "hand finish".
This is because cinder finish is really only noticeable on the face itself.
The "barrel" portion (around the flat face) doesn't really get hit with the process and still looks like machine/hand finish.

What's included:
-2x 1.9" Wheel Double Wideners with a "Cinder Finish".

Bead Diameter - 1.9"
Width - 14.25mm
Weight ~ 1.2oz each

To use these wideners with our wheels you will need 6 longer screws PER WHEEL.
The longer screws replace the M2x7 screws that clamp the ring to the wheel.
The screws that thread into your ring DO NOT need to be changed.

For Double Wideners you need M2x21 screws.
We suggest you use the same head style (scale hex or socket) as the screws threaded into your rings.

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