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Multiple services shown

1.9" Wheel Complete Services (MI)

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1.9 Wheel Services
Part Number: SERV-9006-19cws-MI
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Multiple services in one place!
Prices are PER wheel.

Wheel Refinishing - Cinder

Refresh the look of your Locked Up RC wheels by having us refinish them here in the shop.
We refinish the front AND back "faces" which are the surfaces that are visible once a ring and tire have been mounted.

Easy Mount Conversion

If you have a set of our original beadlock wheels that are not "Easy Mount" ... we can convert them to work with our Easy Mount rings.

M2 Thread Repair

If you have a broken M2 screw in one of our wheels that you are unable to remove, we can probably help!
Depending on your exact situation we will remove the screw and either retap the hole or repair it with inserts.

--Add your desired options and add the services to the cart for the first wheel--
--If you have multiple wheels, repeat the process--
Step 1: You will add 1 wheel to the cart at a time.
Step 2: After checkout, we will call or email you to discuss any potential issues.
Step 3. If we feel we can help you we will email you shipping instructions for your wheels.
Step 4: Ship us your stripped down (no hardware installed) wheels.
Step 5: We will repair and refinish the wheels as discussed.
Step 6: We ship your wheels back to you.

Typical turnaround is 2-3 weeks.

Please note:
-Shipping added at checkout is to return the wheel(s) to you.
--If you add non service items to your cart, your entire order will be delayed until services are complete.
-If you send greasy/oily wheels we will have to charge for our time to de-grease them.
-If you send assembled beadlocks we will have to charge for our time to tear them down.

Contact us for more details.

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