1.9' Sunsplat RingWrap
1.9' Sunsplat RingWrap

1.9" Sunsplat RingWrap

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1.9 Sunsplat RingWrap
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RingWraps are a fun way to add something different to your truck!
Designed around our Agile Bead Lock Ring, these vinyl wraps will cover the top most surface on the ring to give you a cool new look!
They also look great on our Demon, Sever, Gridlock & Tarantula rings as their inner designs line up and will still be visible.

This design was inspired by the sunburst paint schemes from Patrick's old "comp" days ;)

What's Included:
- 1x .Sunsplat RingWrap

You will need 4 of these to complete a standard 4x4 truck.
We recommend getting extra to account for installation error.

RingWraps can go over any color ring but we recommend a little color coordinating to help blend the wrap to the ring.
Generally our bare aluminum or ice anodized ring match up well because the decals are printed on a white vinyl.
Alternatively, you might use a color anodized ring that matches the design.

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