"Right" version
"Right" version

1.9" Shadow SLW Internal Black Positive Offset

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1.9" Shadow SLW Internal Black Positive Offset
Part Number: 119siblack-PO
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Our 1.9" Shadow series wheels feature a 5 spoke design with 2 relief holes in an offset step.

This wheel uses 1 external and 1 internal ring and WILL work on trucks like the Axial Capra & SCX10-III.
These internal bead locks are also incredibly lightweight compared to our standard offerings.

**Because this wheel is directional, we will send you 2 lefts and 2 rights (see photos) when you order 4.
If you order a single wheel or odd number we will send what we have.
If you have a special request for multiple left or right, please contact us BEFORE ordering.

What's included:
-1x 1.9" Shadow SLW Positive Offset Blacnodized Finish
-1x Internal lock ring

Dimensions (with plain rings & hardware):
Bead Diameter: 1.9"
Width: 26mm
Weight: 1.9oz

**Please note that these wheels are Positive Offset and will sit 5mm inboard compared to our standard wheels.
These are intended to be used with portal axles and  may interfere with standard axle knuckle setups.
If you want to space them out to be near standard/stock track, use a 350 or 415 SLW wheels hub.
350 will be slightly narrower than stock, 415 slightly wider.

This wheel requires any of our 1.9" Easy Mount rings which are not included.
This wheel requires M2x7 hardware for the outer beadlock ring which is not included.
This wheel is designed to work with Vanquish Products SLW style 6 lug hubs which are not included.
This wheel requires 4-40 hardware to attach to an SLW hub which is not included.

If you are unsure which hardware or additional parts you need, please go here for total packages:
1.9 SLW Complete Discount Bundler

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