1.9' Ring Refinishing - Regrind (MI)
1.9' Ring Refinishing - Regrind (MI)

1.9" Ring Refinishing - Regrind (MI)

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1.9" Ring Refinishing - Regrind (MI)
Part Number: SERV-9001-19regrind-MI
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Price is per ring.

Get a custom look on your color anodized beadlock rings, by having us refinish them here in the shop.

We will remove the color from the front "face" which is the surface that is most visible once a ring and tire have been mounted.
On a ring like an Agile, this will refinish the entire visible face (excluding the counter bores).
On a 2 step ring like a Gridlock, this will only refinish the upper/top face, NOT the lower/step down face.

Since you already have rings and want them reground here is the process:
Step 1: Checkout with 1 per ring you want reground. (Ex: 5 rings = Quantity 5).
Step 2: After checkout, we will email you shipping instructions for your rings.
Step 3: Ship us your stripped down (no hardware installed) rings.
Step 4: We will regrind your rings for a custom look.
Step 5: We ship your rings back to you.

This service is only available for Locked Up RC rings with an anodized finish.
Typical turnaround is 3 business days.

-Shipping added at checkout is to return the ring(s) to you.
--If you add non service items to your cart, your entire order will be delayed until services are complete.
-If you send greasy/oily rings we will have to charge for our time to de-grease them.
-If you send assembled beadlocks we will have to charge for our time to tear them down.

With some engraved rings this process will erase the engraving entirely.
We are NOT able to determine if your refinished rings will keep any engraving before we start the process.
So please assume any engravings will be completely lost.

Contact us for more details.

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