Shown with included inner ring & M2 hardware
Shown with included inner ring & M2 hardware

1.9" Heritage AO8™ (B)

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1.9" Heritage AO8™ (B)
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From drag strips to circle tracks to desert baja courses, this style of wheel can be seen on just about any classic racing vehicle you can think of.
So it's no surprise that our TNTD 4 contestant "Killa-Cotton" selected the name ... and it's no surprise that the fans loved it!

This wheel is designed to work with an AO8™ style axle flange and any of our 1.9" Easy Mount® rings (sold separately).
This version has been grooved around the exterior to reduce the weight by over .5oz.

What's included:
-1x 1.9" Heritage AO8™ wheel with Bright finish
-1x Inner bead lock ring
-6x M2x8 cap screws

Dimensions (with plain rings & hardware):
Bead Diameter: 1.9"
Weight: 2.18
Width: 27mm
Backspacing: 13mm
Offset: -0.5mm

Our Easy Mount® wheel system only uses 6 screws to hold the ring to the wheel, making your life much easier when working with foams and weights. An additional 18 screws thread into the ring and slide into larger holes in our Easy Mount® wheels. We suggest M2x7 (or M2x8) screws to hold the ring on. The remaining 18 screws can be M2x8 or shorter.

Outer rings and hardware are NOT included with the wheel

Outer rings (sold separately):
1.9" Rings

Bolt pattern hardware (sold separately):
M2 Mag Acorn Nut Wheel Studs
Cap Screws (M2x7)

Trademarks & Patents:

Mounted images shown with optional parts and accessories:
1.9" Heritage AO8 with Agile Rings, Scale Hex Bolts,Scale Hub, and M2-Mag Acorn Nuts


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