Shown with included internal ring
Shown with included internal ring

1.9" H3X SLW Internal (C)

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1.9" H3X SLW Internal (C)
Part Number: 116siC
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Our H3X SLW wheel was inspired by a combination of modern and classic wheels.
Pronounced "HEX" but with a 3 because we like to be difficult.... don't make us Leetspeak on your A22!

Each spoke on the wheel has been tapped for two 1-64 screws.
This allows you to add a splash of color and really customize the look.

This wheel uses 1 external and 1 internal ring and WILL work on trucks like the Axial Capra & SCX10-III.
These internal bead locks are also incredibly lightweight compared to our standard offerings.

What's included:
-1x 1.9" Manga SLW Internal wheel with Cinder finish
-1x Internal lock ring

Dimensions (with internal ring):
Bead Diameter: 1.9"
Width: 26mm
Weight: 1.85oz

With .185 SLW hex hubs these wheels match the track width of  Axial 1.9" wheels.

This wheel requires any of our 1.9" Easy Mount rings which are not included.
This wheel requires M2x7 hardware for the outer beadlock ring which is not included.
This wheel is designed to work with Vanquish Products SLW style 6 lug hubs which are not included.
This wheel requires 4-40 hardware to attach to an SLW hub which is not included.
*OPTIONAL* - You can add up to 12 additional 1-64 screws to this wheel for further customization.
***Due to the semi recessed acorn seating we suggest you run 4-40 FLANGE acorns and use our 2.5mm socket.

If you are unsure which hardware or additional parts you need, please go here for total packages:
1.9 SLW Complete Discount Bundler

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