1.9" Difuser SLW
1.9" Difuser SLW

1.9" Difuser SLW

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1.9" Difuser SLW
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Custom created for our team driver Dan "Difuser" Garber and his class 1 buggy ... but to good to not offer to the public. Now in SLW compatible style!

Dan was inspired by the classic Centerline look when he requested these wheels and we love em.

Because of the flat face you can polish these wheels to a high shine like Dan: Dan's Polishing How-To

What's included:
-1x 1.9" Difuser SLW wheel with Bright finish
-1x inner bead lock ring with M2 hardware

Outer rings and hardware are NOT included

Dimensions without ring or hardware:
Bead Diameter - 1.9"
Width - 21mm
Backspacing - 11mm
Weight - 2.5oz

With .225 SLW hex hubs these wheels give an overall 2mm wider track with than Axial 1.9" wheels.

These wheels can also be turned "inside out" on the hub to add ~2.5mm of track width per side.

Outer rings (sold separately):
1.9" Rings

Bolt pattern hardware (sold separately):
Cap Screws (4-40 x 5/16)
Acorn Nuts (4-40)

Trademarks & Patents: http://www.lockeduprc.com/Trademark-Patent-Information_ep_39-1.html



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