1.9' 8 Hole Scarlet
1.9' 8 Hole Scarlet

1.9" 8 Hole Scarlet

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1.9" 8 Hole Scarlet Ring Insert
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Our 1.9" 8 Hole Ring Inserts are a fantastic way to add a bit of color and maybe some hardware to your Locked Up RC wheel set.
Like our popular "Backlight Glow Rings", these inserts are sandwiched between your existing bead lock ring and wheel.

These Ring Inserts protrude from behind your ring to offer a various amount of color depending on setup.
They also feature 8 holes that you can thread 1-64 screws into.
We like to install the screws then cut flush on the back with wire cutters.
Do NOT use a rotary tool (Dremel) as the heat from the cut may damage the insert.

These inserts can be used with ANY of our 1.9" bead lock rings.
They look great Agile, Demon & Sever rings.
If you are adding hardware, make sure there is no conflict with your ring style.
-EX: You could not put these behind a Tarantula, Galaxy or TR Ring and add hardware.
If you are going to add hardware, we recommend our Torx or Demon rings.

What is included:
1x 1.9" 8 Hole Scarlet Ring Insert 

- FDM printed with PLA
- Matte Finish
~ 41mm outer diameter

Printed parts may require you to do some final deburring. Just like plastic parts from a parts tree.
So, BEFORE installation, please check the piece for any burrs that need to be removed.

To install:
1. Remove your outer bead lock ring and lay your wheel face up.
2. Place the Insert Ring into the wheel so that the side with the "flange" is at the top.
3. Reattach the bead lock ring and tighten to gently push insert into place.
4. Verify that the bead lock ring is flush against the wheel (check from the sides).
 (If the ring is not sitting flush, check for alignment and burrs.)

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