1.55' Agile
1.55' Agile

1.55" Agile

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1.55" Agile
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Our 1.55" Agile bead lock ring replicates most heavy duty 1:1 bead lock rings.
The slim design is perfect for those that want to see the most of their wheels.

Made of high quality aluminum this ring is drilled to match our 1.55" bead lock wheel mounting pattern.
This is our original "hand finished" Agile ring.

What's included:
-1x 1.55" Agile bead lock ring with Hand finish

Bead Diameter - 1.55"
Width - 3mm
Weight - .17oz

No hardware is included with our rings but is available below.

1-64 x .25 Scale hex Bolts:
Black 1-64 x .25
MCZ 1-64 x .25

1-64 x .25 Cap Screws:

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