* $5 off Bateman's Custom Coatings Anodizing *
* $5 off Bateman's Custom Coatings Anodizing *

* $5 off Bateman's Custom Coatings Anodizing *

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Outside Service Discount - $5 off Bateman's Custom Coatings Anodizing
Part Number: BatemansCC
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We are happy to offer you a deal for any new beadlock wheel or ring purchases made at Locked Up RC!
$5 off Bateman's Custom Coatings!

Step 1: Add this item to your cart with your beadlock wheel and ring purchase and checkout.
Step 2: Once YOU receive your stuff, YOU ship your wheels, rings & original invoice to the folks at Bateman's Custom Coatings for $5 off their Anodizing services!

You MUST checkout with this item in the same cart as wheels/rings you are having finished so that they appear on the SAME invoice.

Minimum of 8 pieces (4 wheels & 4 rings) to get discount

If you want your order shipped directly to Bateman's, you need to:
1. Contact them BEFORE you order. They need to know about everything in your order so they can price the cost to reship to you.
2. Contact us before you order. We need to make sure your shipping address is changed to their address.
3. Understand we cannot split shipments ... EVERYTHING in your order will go to the ship to address.
4. As an alternative, if you only want to ship them a few things, we suggest you make 2 separate orders with 2 DIFFERENT ship to addresses.

Bateman's has been in the Anodizing business for over 5 years and for the last few years has been bringing some of the best work around to the RC community.
With a wide selection of option including solid colors, fades, splash and hard coat, they are definitely a great place to have your parts anodized.

Because Bateman's Custom Coatings is an outside service we cannot make any guarantees on lead times or finish quality.
We only provide this discount as a perk to our customers and have no control over the parts you forward to 3rd parties.

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