* 10% off Rusty Kustoms Cerakote *
* 10% off Rusty Kustoms Cerakote *

* 10% off Rusty Kustoms Cerakote *

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Outside Service Discount - 10% off Rusty Kustoms Cerakote
Part Number: RustyKustoms
Availability: In Stock
We are happy to offer you a deal for any new beadlock wheel or ring purchases made at Locked Up RC:
10% off at Rusty Kustoms!

Step 1: Add this item to your cart with your beadlock wheel or ring purchase and checkout.
Step 2: Ship your wheels, rings & original invoice to the folks at Rusty Kustoms for 10% off their Cerakote services!

You MUST checkout with this item in the same cart as wheels/rings you are having finished so that they appear on the SAME invoice.

Because Rusty Kustoms is an outside service we cannot make any guarantees on lead times or finish quality.
We only provide this discount as a perk to our customers and have no control over the parts you forward to 3rd parties

More info here:

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