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Commando - High Performance Motor

Part Number 325-HPM
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Commando - High Performance Motor
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As an upgrade to compliment our Commando Winch System we offer these High Performance motor assemblies to replace stock or worn units in your 3 Racing winch.

These HP units have been shown to produce more torque and a faster line speeds than the stock 3 Racing units at equal voltages. So this is a great way to get more power out of a very scale winch without a huge investment in new electronics.

Key specs at 6V:
Commando High Performance motor
100 RPM
70 mA free-run
70 oz-in (5 kg-cm) stall
1600 mA stall.

Stock motor
45 RPM
30 mA free-run
40 oz-in (5 kg-cm) stall
360 mA stall.

These motors are intended for use at 6-7.4v.
We cannot warranty the motor or gearbox if used over 7.4v.

Why 6-7.4v?
At higher voltages, you build up more heat in the motor which wears parts out faster. Anything above 7.4v and the motor will EASILY have enough power to damage itself and the gearbox. The cool feature of these motors is that you get higher performance at lower voltages. That means that at 6v you get similar stats to a standard motor running at twice the voltage! So if you were to run the motor at say 9v, that is the equivalent of running a stock motor at 18v.... and nobody would expect a stock motor to survive that!

If you are running this motor with a 3 Racing controller we recommend keeping it to 6v.
This motor will draw a lot more amperage than a standard motor and 3 Racing controllers are not always adequate.
We also recommend HeyOK controllers for this reason.

We also highly recommend that you utilize one of our winch savers. The winch saver can help protect the parts of the gear box and winch system. Remember, these are high performance motors and they have enough power to damage themselves, gearboxes, winch line, etc. Stalling the motor can lead to damage that is not covered by any sort of warranty and the winch saver will give you a soft cushion to help protect the drive train.

To insure smooth operation of a Commando Free Spool kit, you may need to lightly polish the D shaped output shaft of the HP motor/gearbox.

These motors also fit the RC4WD Warn and Bulldog winches as well as Integy 1:10 winches.

Each motor is factory tested to ensure quality.
Customer Reviews
Rating Works awesome!
What a great replacement for my 3Racing winch motor, so much better than stock. I did have to cut the output shaft a little so the spool would fit properly, but that's understandable and was no big deal. Great product!
  Reviewed by:   from West Linn, Oregon. on 6/19/2015
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